Q & A


How do we book you?

  • You can reserve your date with a signed contract and deposit of $1000.

When do we see our images?

  • Online galleries are available 4-6 weeks following the wedding day, and USB drives are mailed as well.

Do you travel for weddings?

  • YES! I love traveling to new places for weddings and events. If your wedding is outside of the New York City area, get in touch and we can discuss what expenses might be involved. 

Our wedding is outside of NYC. Can we book you for just an engagement shoot? 

  • Absolutely, however if you're having a wedding out of town, I'd love to talk about options for your wedding day coverage as well. 

Can we have raw files?

  • I don't give out original RAW files after the wedding, only edited high resolution versions. Until the editing happens, the image isn't the full vision that I initially had when taking the photo.

We’re getting eloped. Can you take pictures of that?

  • I can absolutely capture your elopement, just send me an email with details and I can get you a custom quote.

Do you take formal family photos too?

  • I definitely take family and group photos following the ceremony, I just choose not to include these in my portfolio.

Can our guests take photos?

  • Your guests are welcome to take photos during the reception, however I highly recommend having an unplugged ceremony. This just means you would have your officiant politely let guests know that it is the wishes of the bride and groom to keep their technology put away and enjoy the ceremony. Of course this is ultimately up to you, but keep in mind that people LOVE getting their perfect shot, even if it means keeping the person you hired to shoot your wedding from getting it. 

Can we give you a shot list?

  • While a shot list is a great guide for what to capture, I'd prefer to not be handed a list of "required" shots. In the time leading up to the wedding, we discuss the photography coverage extensively, so we'll definitely cover what people, places, and details are important to you. The exception is for formal photos following the ceremony.

Do you take photos during dinner?

  • Photos of people eating tend to not be the most flattering ones, so this is typically when I grab a quick snack myself. 

Can we order prints through you?

  • Once your color corrected and edited photos are in your online gallery, you can order prints directly from there. You can also share this gallery with friends and family if they want to purchase or download photos from the wedding as well. 

Do you have insurance?

  • I do have liability insurance coverage up to $1 million, although I’ve never had to use it.  

Do you have backup gear?

  • I absolutely make sure I have backup gear at every wedding I photograph. 

Is there a limit on the number of photos taken? Edited?

  • I never stop shooting just because I hit a certain number. There is no limit on how many photos I'll take during a day, or edit afterwards, it just depends on how long I'm shooting. 

Should I have a second photographer at my wedding?

  • Whether or not you'd like me to bring a second photographer depends mostly on the size of your wedding. I can definitely let you know what I'd recommend once I know more details about your day.                   

Do you pose shots during the wedding day? 

  • I take a mostly photo journalistic approach to wedding photography, mostly capturing the day as it unfolds. However there will be certain times where I may have you do exactly what you're already doing, just in a different light or in a way that photographs just a bit better. Of course the exception is for formal and couple photos following the ceremony. 

Can you come to the rehearsal dinner?

  • My wedding packages don't include coverage for rehearsal dinners, but if you'd like me to shoot it, I can include pricing in your quote.

Can we split up photography coverage?

  • Photography coverage must always be continuous.  

Can we remove items from a package for a discount?

  • Wedding photography packages cannot be discounted, however items can always be selected based on a la carte pricing to find a combination that suits your wedding day best. 


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me